A brief story about how this process works.

There's no doubt that schools and teachers can face significant challenges trying to keep track of hundreds of students and assure their safety while simultaneously teaching them something. Now Designo Mediaworks is looking to apply technology to the problem, offering a comprehensive child-tracking solution, combining Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GPS technologies to enable schools to keep track of school bus locations and speed while simultaneously monitoring events within the vehicles.

The ability to locate and track children is a vital issue to both parents and school staff. Identification and tracking can be achieved, with today technologies in different ways.

The conventional modus operandi of Personnel tracking and management has been known to be ineffective with respect to the secure transport and tracking of the personnel in question. This has prompted us to design and deliver a foolproof solution, which will enable you to constantly monitor your personnel maneuver at any given point of time, and update you with its real time location.

The Trackway Solution aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated application system for the Client.